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Welcome to Mérida 2019

Dr. Rafael Reyes Acevedo

President of the Latin American and Caribbean Transplantation Society

This year Mexico has the unique privilege to host the XXV Latin American and Caribbean Transplant Congress, taking place in Merida Mexico at International Convention Center of Yucatan on the 23th to 26th of October 2019. Transplant community will proudly attend the most relevant scientific event in terms of organ donation and transplantation among the Latin American and Caribbean region.


We commend the valuable and generous adhesion and support from important societies and institutions to STALYC 2019, which has strengthened the congress and reiterates the idea of unity and understanding in the Latin American community.


The Mexican Transplantation Society (SMT) stands out especially since it has integrally merged its most important activity – The Mexican Transplantation Congress- with the STALYC 2019 Congress. Mexico will present its very important transplantation activity within the Latin American context. Furthermore, the Latin American transplantation activity will have a special encounter with the Mexican transplantation community.


The Latin American and Caribbean region has been historically adhered to Transplantation Society (TTS). The STALYC 2019 Congress will conduct with the TTS the TID: Transplant Infectious Diseases Symposium as well as a special symposium with Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group (DICG).


STALYC has a wide tradition and experience in matters related to bioethics in donation and transplantation, worth to mention the Document of Aguascalientes published in 2010. Merida will also host the VI Latin American Bioethics Forum which will bring distinguished experts on ethical issues to make a space for reflection and analysis after almost a decade of its publication.


The nephrological societies are no exception to the collaborative spirit shown in Merida 2019. The Mexican Institute for Nephrological Research in Mexico also merges with the International Symposium of Renal Transplantation organized annually in Mexico. Furthermore, the Nephrology and Hypertension Latin American Society (SLANH) contributes once more with a high level academic symposium where nephrology and transplantation medicine converge.


As in previous events, STALYC and SMT will coordinate a Workshop for organ donation, a very attractive and necessary academic activity specially organized for transplant coordinators in Mexico and Latin America.


The city of Merida was carefully selected as the optimal location for our congress. Its cultural and gastronomic diversity, as well as air connectivity and installations constitute a great venue for STALYC congress.

We are ready, we have prepared a high academic level Scientific congress on the Art and Science of Transplantation.


Kindest regards,

Dear Friends and colleagues, 


It is my pleasure and privilege to announce the TTS-STALYC joint symposium that will be taking place during the 25th Latin American and Caribbean Transplant Congress to be held in Mérida México on October 23- 26, 2019. 


We cannot ignore that there continue to be striking disparities in transplantation throughout various areas of the world. Since many years, The Transplantation Society has acted in various ways to address these issues, especially considering that an increasing number of patients worldwide are in need of an organ for transplantation but neither access to the appropriate care nor the standard of care received is equally distributed around the world.  


Organ donation rates in particular vary widely across the globe, but there remains an almost universal shortage of donors. The unmet need for transplants has resulted in many systematic approaches to increase donor rates, but there have also been practices that have crossed the boundaries of legal and ethical acceptability. Each country and region has a responsibility to assess the transplantation needs of its own people and as such, the goal that we must strive for is the establishment of self-sufficiency regarding organ donation and procurement. 


It is my firm belief that the solution we must all strive for lies in expanding the use of deceased organs. It is for this reason that I organized the first TTS regional meeting in Istanbul in March with the theme “Deceased Donation: Expanding the Donor Pool.” The meeting was met with great enthusiasm, and as can be seen, it is an issue of value to every country in the world. 


That is why I am so pleased that alongside the main congress track, a joint symposium between TTS and STALYC will be organized dedicated to the issue of organ donation with a special focus on the needs and resources of our Latin American colleagues and their patients. I have no doubt that this meeting will provide valuable insights into medical, legislative, ethical, cultural, and social hurdles that must be overcome to increase deceased donation rates and improve transplantation outcomes. 


Many people die with their organs intact, and there are people whose lives can be saved with these organs. It is for this reason that I believe expanding the use of deceased donors is so crucial to our field. Each country has a responsibility to assess the transplantation needs of its own people, and the goal that we must strive for is the establishment of self-sufficiency regarding organ donation and procurement. Many countries have already achieved high rates of “deceased organ donation,” and they set a fine example to other countries where deceased donation rates are very low or, as in some countries, nonexistent. This not only results in the ceasing or at least reduction of living-unrelated and unethical transplantation activities, but also makes an enormous difference to those patients awaiting transplants in which living organ donors are not an option.


By combining our efforts and sharing our experiences we can make important and necessary changes all around the world to ensure that more patients receive high quality health care that meets ethical and legal standards. 


Finally, I wish to congratulate everyone involved in the planning of this congress and I look forward to seeing you in Mérida in October.

Mehmet Haberal, MD

President, The Transplantation Society


Comunicamos a ustedes la realización del Simposio-Taller denominado TRANSPARENCIA EN DONACIÓN Y TRASPLANTE PARA LATINOAMÉRICA, organizado en forma conjunta por la Sociedad de Trasplantes de América Latina y el Caribe, la Sociedad Mexicana de Trasplantes, The Transplantation Society, Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group y el Centro Nacional de Trasplantes de México.

El evento tendrá lugar el martes 22 de octubre de 2019 dentro del marco del XXV Congreso Latinoamericano y del Caribe de Trasplante que se llevará a cabo en el Centro Internacional de Convenciones de Yucatan en la Ciudad de Mérida, México.

El objetivo de la reunión es el mejor entendimiento y búsqueda de estrategias para prevenir el tráfico de órganos y el turismo de trasplante en la región latinoamericana, se busca generar un Documento conjunto basado en las conclusiones del evento, todo ello en consonancia con los principios de la Declaración de Estambul y el Documento de Aguascalientes a 10 años de su publicación.

Para cumplir este propósito es indispensable la participación y presencia de las autoridades en donación y trasplante de cada país; la agenda tiene considerada una presentación a cargo de cada director del Sistema de Donación y Trasplante participante.

La comunidad internacional de trasplantes realiza enormes esfuerzos para que las prácticas de donación y trasplante se realicen bajo los más altos estándares de Ética y Equidad, convocamos a ustedes a venir a Mérida y participar en esta importante actividad, Latinoamerica tiene mucho que decirle al Mundo.

Reciban nuestro afecto y nuestra más alta consideración.



Dr. Rafael Reyes-Acevedo

Presidente de la Sociedad de Trasplantes de América Latina y el Caribe


Dr. Alejandro Niño-Murcia

Co-Chair Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group


Dr. Gabriel Gondolesi

Councilor para América Latina The Transplantation Society


SMT words regarding The STALYC 2019 Congress

It’s an honor for the Mexican Society of Transplants members take part of the third occasion which our country hosts The Congress of The Latin American and Caribbean Transplant Society.


The previous events celebrated in 2005 and 2013, both in Cancún, were extraordinaries academic-scientist spaces, with a very enthusiastic participation of the professoriate and all the attendees. We shared science, friendship and strengthened links with all our regional colleagues.


The transplant activity in Latin America and The Caribbean is worldwide recognized because its constant and sustained growth, being the fastest growing in the world. The Health professionals dedicated to this extraordinary labor, recognize the permanent need for medical updating in the various aspects of knowledge that assist in the best practices and treatment of patients receiving transplants, the arduous task of coordination and procurement of organs and tissues.


The event being organized for this XXV STALYC Congress, under the right direction of Dr. Rafael Reyes Acevedo, Stalyc 2018-2019 President, will have a scientific itinerary that will meet all attendees expectations. We cordially invite you to join us and share this knowledge sharing event that will take place on October 23rd-26th in Ciudad Blanca, Merida (Yucatán, México).

Dr. Josefina Alberú Gómez
President of the Mexican Society of Transplants

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